"I thank you for your dedication to your vocation."

Dear Dr.Taban,

While I might have written sooner, I have deliberately waited to express my deep appreciation to you for this season; at a time when, (1) a more complete outcome has arrived, pursuant to the many processes you and others have administered toward my healing; and also a time when, (2) we would be approaching Thanksgiving Day-a most worthy occasion for writing you as I do now.

First, I thank you for your dedication to your vocation. While I frequently meet professional people in many venues where I am involved, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for the fact He arranged for my physical crisis to come into the hands of a remarkably accomplished surgeon.

You will, I believe, remember how prior to the surgery, I expressed to you my belief in God is very, very personal in His attentions to and care for each person who puts their trust in Him. So it was, when I discovered your reputation, expertise and profound commitment to our patients and each ones needed procedure, I humbly thanked Him for His kind providence in bringing me under your care. Surely He answered my prayer for blessing upon you-but even more, long before we met or I had need of your professional care, He called you to give yourself to the demands of preparing for a life as a neurosurgeon. Now, having been blessed by your gifting and skill, I say "Thank you, Asher my friend," and, Thank you, God-Creator of the universe-for bestowing on us the gift of Asher Taban!

Second I thank you for your warm, personal manner. From the beginning-when you introduced me to the fact I desperately needed spinal surgery. Little did I know how small the margin of my well-being had become; being both instructive and assuring. From that moment, I have-and will-pray God’s ongoing blessing over your life and service to others.

As you doubtless already know, your name, Asher, derives from the Hebrew eh-sher, and refers to what is "blessed" and brings “happiness.” This letter is to accompany a small plant which, I hope, will find a place in your home or office and remain a token of my respect and great gratitude for you.

May God’s Hand of blessing refresh you, be increasingly sensed as near and upon you, and may He always draw you increasingly to know Him and His best blessing over, around and abounding through you to others.

Your friend, patient and partner in serving a needy world,
Jack W. Hayford, President
The King’s University - Los Angeles

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