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State Of The Art Facility

NHMC is the first facility in California to have the fully integrated high definition EndoSuite® The size of these two vastly-spacious 875-square foot operating rooms is unique in Southern California and allow us to acquire as much new technology-advanced equipment as necessary without causing any difficulty to perform complex and demanding surgeries. The large space also allows intraoperative emergencies to be handled much faster and more efficiently.

The EndoSuite OR features LED surgical light technology and the next generation of Stryker’s integration control system switchpoint infinity 2.3. The installation of these new minimally-invasive surgical suites includes enhanced resolution, brightness and optical clarity that will assist our surgical teams by providing the best visualization possible during minimally-invasive surgical procedures.

The EndoSuite OR is also the first ever integrated operating room. Each one features the latest in camera and digital capture technology and include numerous 26" HDTV monitors. The result is complete flexibility across all surgical specialties by providing both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. The OR walls are covered by flat screen monitors, which enables all of the OR crews to observe the surgery and prepare for the next steps of the procedure immediately.

Plus, all of the surgical equipment is mounted on the ceilings resulting in more floor space and the removal of trailing wires. That means no more piling equipment or instruments in the OR since space in no longer an issue. What’s more, this state-of-the-art technology allows surgeons to perform innovative procedures more effectively and efficiently. That’s because the technically-advanced rooms will improve overall patient outcomes by providing more precision and quicker surgery, thereby reducing the time a patient is under anesthesia.

The upgrade is touted by hospital and technology officials as it can reduce patient time in the operating room, shorten hospital stays, and reduce procedural costs. It will enable NHMC to deliver exceptional results for years to come and help Northridge Hospital’s surgeons provide the best in patient care.

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